How to date beautiful women – 3 mindsets | 5 techniques

A beautiful girl in a hat

Written by Ryan Cross

In this post, we’re going to take a look into a special demographic group: the group of most beautiful women. These women are the most attractive 1% of society, and 99% of men are highly attracted to them. These women are being hit on by men all the time, and that’s why you usually need to take some extra steps to get them.


Why beautiful women are different?


There are two important factors when we’re talking about the most beautiful women. First of all, these women don’t choose guys randomly. They can afford to be very picky, and they don’t need to make compromises.

The second factor is that these women are more sensitive to bullshit. They can see through lies and fake intentions easily. Guys want to impress these girls frequently, and most of them are fed up with bragging and needy behavior.

One of the hardest things when talking to hot girls is to stay calm. Guys become needy all the time in the company of beautiful ones, which is a problem because emotional investment in the early phases leads to rejection. I’m talking about unnecessary compliments, bragging, insecure behavior, presents, and jealousy. 

If you want to match, date and have sex with beautiful women from Tinder, first you need to develop your lifestyle, you need to learn to stay cool when you’re talking to them and you really have to question yourself why you want these girls. Do you want a healthy relationship (casual or not) with someone you genuinely like, or do you have selfish reasons?

This post will also give you the most important technical tips to actually get these women.


Change yourself to become more attractive


If something is true about these women, it’s this: they have way more dating options than other average or pretty girls. These women – if they’re over 20 – are constantly dating and talking to musicians, actors, DJ-s, ripped and wealthy guys.


Fill the holes in your life

Luckily, you have to become none of the above. But on the other hand, you have to take care of a lot of things in your life. You can’t get the most beautiful women if you lack something important in your life.

What do you need to get the most beautiful women?

  • A great job
  • Independent life (i.e. a home if you’re a bit older)
  • Great relationships with others
  • Cool hobbies for free time
  • Good health
  • Good body condition
  • And a well-calibrated, confident personality.

You can pick up attractive women if you lack something important in your life. Heck, when you’re young, it may be enough to be outstanding in one of these to pick up a very beautiful young girl. But when you’re a bit older, you just can’t have a hole in your life.

Maybe you already own some of these areas, and maybe you need to work on others for months or even years. But believe me, it’s totally worth it.

Look at things from her perspective! Women, including the most beautiful ones, first look at confident and charming behavior even online. 

Let’s suppose that the girl is having a date with three guys. The first of them is very good-looking but still lives with his parents. The second is wealthy but isn’t handsome. The third is relatively good-looking, has a great job and existence.

If everything else is the same, the girl will choose the third one. Not because they look and wealth is the most important things, but because she doesn’t need to make compromises when she chooses someone. You don’t have to be a millionaire, or an athlete, or a model. You just have to take care of your whole life.


Avoid needy behavior

You may need time to develop your lifestyle, but there is something even very successful, handsome, wealthy guys struggle with. It’s neediness. 

The more attractive the girl is the less emotionally invested the behavior she has. That is, she stays relatively on the low end of emotions when she talks to and meets guys. Consequently, the more you try to seduce her the needier you’ll become. 

And it’s game over for you 99% of the time.

That’s why even you find her very attractive, you have to act as if she was just an average girl in the beginning.

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but hell yeah, it works! (Yeey, it rimed).


The most beautiful girls are always judged by their looks. Suitors are afraid of them, they fall for them, they hit on them to prove themselves good enough for such women. They usually don’t look at them as what they really are. A human. 

The first step is to forget the 1-10 scale when you categorize women. When you manage to date with a 10/10 girl, subconsciously you take pressure on yourself or worse, you create stereotypes about them. If you match with a 10/10 girl, you will behave differently with the 10/7 ones, which is very bad for your chances.

Don’t concentrate on her appearance for several reasons. 

  • First of all, because sooner or later you will take her on a pedestal which will affect your attractiveness negatively. 
  • Secondly, she may think that you want to take advantage of her. 
  • And lastly, if you talk to her as if she was no one special, it is a sign for her, that you are used to beautiful girls, and she will subconsciously look at you as a guy who regularly talks to beautiful girls, which is VERY ATTRACTIVE to her.


Dump your ego

You just have to forget to get the most attractive girls, because they are the best. This way of thinking shows that you don’t care at all about mutual benefits for both of you. No, you only want to fill a hole in your ego. You want to prove that you’re good enough to attract these women.

Guys don’t recognize that very beautiful girls are struggling with many things. Imagine, that you try to date someone you like, and everyone eventually turns into an asshole or becomes very clingy and emotionally dependent on you.

„The best way to attract attractive girls is to connect with them on a deeper level.” 

Try to find traits in them that are not related to their looks.

Guys think that the more beautiful the girl is the harder it is to attract them. On the level of supply and demand, it’s true, because a lot of guys try to hit on very few girls. But on the other hand, I realized that the most beautiful ones have a bit fewer options in general.

It’s simply because a huge percent of the guys think that the very best women are too good for them, so they’re not even trying.

Yes, very attractive women can be very picky as well. You may have tremendous competition. But maybe they are just like everyone else. Maybe they also have lots of flaws, and maybe it’s only in your head that they are too good for you.


How to increase your chances with beauties?

If you know where to look for the most beautiful women, it’s half the battle”

To get the best of something is always difficult because the best of something always means a small portion of the whole, but since it’s the best, it has the biggest demand. There are a few very beautiful girls but the majority of men desire them.

The most beautiful girls have 10-20 times more attention than relatively attractive counterparts.

If we also take the fact that online dating has opened massive opportunities for a lot of people, you may finally realize that it’s very tough to not even meet beautiful girls from Tinder but even talk to them online.

However… I still succeed a lot of times.

I’m not a millionaire or a DJ. I just know what women desire the most and I also know how to build their attraction online. These are my ebook about (and much more), where I have written everything that led me from a guy who always got friendzoned to someone very successful with attractive girls over the years.

To achieve this, my first step is the following:

„I try to find girls who are somewhat undervalued on their profiles.”

What do I mean about this?

I try to find details about these women that tell me they have fewer dating options than they ought to have. Let’s take a look at this example:

  • Annie is a stunningly beautiful girl. She is studying literature at the local university. She moved to her current city 2 months ago from a small town. She is more like a withdrawn person with few friends, she doesn’t go out often, is on Tinder for 2 weeks and never texts first to guys.

  • Becky is a relatively attractive girl, but she gained some extra pounds over the last few months. She is extroverted and likes to talk a lot. She is having parties 2-3 times per week, has a lot of one-night stands and she usually talks to 8-10 guys online simultaneously.

Common sense suggests that the more attractive someone is, the less chance you have to date her. But not in this case. In our example, your best chance is Annie, even though she is more attractive than Becky. It’s simply because their circumstances are so different that Becky has a lot more dating options (you have less chance) than Annie (you have relatively high chances to succeed). And believe me, there are plenty of Annies and Beckys in the world. 

Less dating options for her = More chances for you

Sometimes it’s the best decision to make a move on the most attractive girls who have limited dating options.

When are the odds in your favor if you want to date the most beautiful girls?

  • She is from a small town: I can’t tell you how many successful dates I had with gorgeous girls who came from small towns.

  • She is withdrawn: Introverted girls use to have fewer friends, they don’t go out as often as extroverted ones, and they don’t like to meet a bunch of guys.

  • She has poor dating profiles: A lot of girls don’t mind if they don’t have pitch-perfect photos and perfect „about me” section on their dating profile. Even very beautiful girls use to upload low-quality photos which are good news for us because these girls get fairly lower attention from guys than some less attractive girls with perfect Tinder profile.

  • She isn’t into social media: It’s suspicious if she claims she doesn’t have Instagram or Facebook account particularly if she is very attractive on her Tinder photos. But if she has an Instagram account with 3 photos, it means she doesn’t need attention and you may have lower competition.



5 Techniques to date beautiful women from Tinder

To meet the best women from online dating apps, first, you need to take care of 3 areas of your life that we’ve talked about.

  • You need to develop (or maintain) an attractive lifestyle
  • You have to avoid needy behavior when texting or talking to women
  • You have to forget selfish reasons to get beautiful girls

But you also need to acquire a lot of real-life experiences with women. If you cannot stay cool, cannot communicate effectively with relatively attractive girls, there are chances that you’ll screw up everything with a beautiful one.

That’s why it’s essential to practice your texting skills on everyone you are talking to online.

If you really want to level up your skills and get many more dates with attractive girls, I highly recommend you to check out my ebook. I share with you the most effective psychological and behavioral principles, techniques, texts, and tools to raise your online dating game on a whole new level.


Be a challenge


Women love reinforcement and from guys – even very attractive ones -, but they will only feel that a compliment is genuine if she deserves it. This is the area where so many guys fail. 

  • You are too eager
  • You are too desperate
  • You reschedule your programs to be able to date her
  • You compliment a lot

To sum up things: you make it clear for women that you are highly attracted to them. Is it a mistake? Well, when you are in a relationship with someone, not necessarily. If you are at the beginning of the dating phase, say you are texting with her on Tinder, this is a huge mistake. Why?

If you are too attracted to the girl, you will look too desperate and needy, which means that you have no other dating options than her. No woman likes these guys.

Also, if you show too much interest too early, she will think about why you are so interested in her since she hasn’t even done anything to deserve your attention. From this, she concludes that her appearance is the reason. Women like when their looks are valued, but they don’t want their looks to be the object of men’s desires.

You have to make little challenges for girls. If doing so, you create an aura of attractiveness, because when you test a girl, it shows them that it’s not enough for you that they look good. You’ll seem like a guy with a lot of options.


Qualifying questions

Qualifying questions are challenging for girls. With these questions, you plant the idea into the girl’s mind that you test how well she meets your expectations. Qualifying works best in a playful form. When you test a woman, it shows you that you are an attractive guy with lots of options. 

Always be the one who decides where your relationship is heading with a girl. Of course, do it playfully.



Denial is a basic concept that she can’t get something, which makes her want even more of it. Denial is more effective than you might think because the subconscious cannot distinguish between negative and positive statements.

Get her to invest in the relationship

It’s basically a man’s job to initiate an interaction. This is true for approaching, messaging, dating, etc. But it’s also the man’s responsibility to get women to run after him.
In chat, this technique is all about getting her to do something or to make her so curious about you that she would chase you. You can ask her to take a picture of her or draw something for you.

Even if she finds your idea ridiculous, she will think subconsciously that you have standards and only the attractiveness is not enough for you.


Create positive emotions

Girls want to have fun online (and offline), especially with men. The opposite of fun is boredom. Most guys are boring with girls, they write boring messages, have average dates. Girls hate boring things, but they get used to it because they think that’s how things work.

But you won’t be boring. You will be entertaining and exciting. Entertaining messages keep women’s affection high and keep them engaged. Even when there was no attraction at first, funny and hilarious texts stimulate their emotions, which eventually leads to attraction in many cases.

By showing the girl your fun side and not taking life too seriously, you can establish an intimate relationship with her much faster than if you were serious and stiff.

The idea is to condition the girl so that she expects fun and tempting messages so that when she sees your name on the screen, she will feel joy and excitement!

I wrote an article where I share with you my top 10 techniques that will make almost anyone laugh.

Now, let’s move on to some of the main mindset principles that are critical to getting the most out of your interactions with beautiful women.


Become different from others


“If you are different from others, you will repel some women. If you are the same as others, then all of them.”

Being attractive is very controversial because in order to be attractive you have to do and say things that will make you different from the average. To be attractive, you have to accept that some people will not like you. You have to sacrifice other people’s acceptance to be more successful with women.

Pictures: You have to use professional-like photos, in special places. Add presets or filters to them to really stand out from the crowd, but don’t make it look fake.

Appearance: Always take care of your hygiene, your hair and facial hair, your scent, and your style. Your appearance will determine what kind of girls you will attract, so look after who exactly your type of girls is attracted to.

Communication: Your texting skills are crucial to lead the conversation to the first date. You’ll find everything in my ebook.

Skills: You can benefit from cool hobbies like playing the guitar or surfing, and from your career like if you do something important like your a lawyer, doctor, entrepreneur, etc.

Have your own reality

The emotionally invested guy tries to act how the particular woman requires. If this guy knows the girl doesn’t like having parties, then he talks about Netflix and chill, even if he is a party animal. In the long run, women will figure out that you are lying, and it will lower her attraction level because you bend your reality to impress her. If you can’t hold your frame, she won’t respect you.

Don’t try to bend your reality. If she finds out you said things to make her like you, she will know she has affected you and can control you, therefore she has power over you.

Just say what you want to say, be who you want to be, and don’t bother if she doesn’t accept it. Remember, women won’t respect you if you sacrifice your identity for them. Let’s see the bad example:

Never write something like this. So how does it look like in an attractive style?

Practice the art of saying no

If you really like a given girl, you want to take every opportunity in order to meet her. This is a perfectly understandable idea, but girls – especially beautiful ones – are very good at reading when a guy is completely desperate and tries everything to get closer to this girl. 

Contrary to popular belief, too much emotional investment completely kills girls attraction in 95% of the cases, because it leads to irrational behavior (i.e. jealousy, bragging, nervousness).

One of the most difficult tasks for men is to say no to women or to stand against something that this woman says or does, even if it may lead to losing her.

A female friend of mine once told me this:

I want someone who doesn’t always agree with me, who has his own ideas and opinions and he can defend it. I think I want someone who can say NO to me even if it makes me upset at that moment.”

The art of „saying no” is not easy, especially if you desperately want someone. To become better at it, you should do two things:

First, you should text multiple girls simultaneously, because you will feel less pressure when talking to a very attractive girl.

Second, you should pick a goal. A goal that should be more important than even the most beautiful girls on Tinder and in real life. My goal is to share my knowledge of online dating with a lot of guys. What is yours?