Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions that customers have. If you need further support, use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Q: “Is it secure to use my credit card on your site?”

Yes. Your credit card is directly transmitted to PayPal payment processor. At no time is your card number visible to me or stored on my server.


Q: “Is my personal information safe with you?”

I’ve never had a data leak or breach. I follow industry practices to ensure your data is safe. I also do not sell or share your personal information with any other company or entity.


Q: “I placed a credit card order. Where are the download links?”

After placing a credit card order, your PDF file downloads automatically to your device. If you don’t see the file after five minutes, write an email to so that I can manually send you the download links.


Q: “Do you sell the Kindle version of your ebooks?”

Not yet. But I probably will in the future.


Q: “I want to order your book in a physical version. Can you send a printed version to me?

Unfortunately not.


Q: “I ordered your books a long time ago but lost the download links. How do I download them?”

Use the form on the Contact page or write me at and include the email address you ordered from. Also include the order number if you still have it.