How to Get a Girl to Send Nudes? – 10 clever steps

Written by Ryan Cross

If you try to figure out how to get a girl to send you nudes, this blog post will help you. While sending and getting and getting nudes can be very exciting, it also requires courage and a vast amount of trust on women’s part and patience on your part. 




There are women who, in no circumstances, will ever send you dirty pictures even if they drank too much vodka with their girlfriends and became very aroused after they went home. Even if you are the most handsome guy they’ve ever met. And even if this is the last chance to save humanity from a tragic apocalypse caused by asteroids. 

The point is that many women don’t feel comfortable enough to send nudes to guys or even their boyfriends. And this is great. On the other hand, plenty of women are very into sending dirty pictures to guys who they trust, are attracted to, and who can get them to become aroused to do so.

Your job is to develop a process where you can maximize your chances to get nudes from girls who aren’t totally against it. I got hundreds of nudes or at least sexy photos from 18-year olds, mid-twenties, over-thirties, bartenders, dancers, professional businesswomen, and even shy schoolgirls. I know how to get a girl to send nudes, and here are my 10 steps to do so:


So, how can you get a girl to send nudes to you?

  1. Develop mutual trust with her
  2. Find the right texting environment
  3. Find the right time to ask for nudes
  4. Associate yourself with positive feelings
  5. Get her into a sexual mindset
  6. Be the first who sends something exciting
  7. Go for the small “YESes”
  8. Ask her to send you dirty pictures
  9. Prepare for resistance and be smooth about it
  10. Appreciate her that she trusted in you

How to get a girl to send nudes?


As you will see, asking for nudes is actually not about how you phrase the question but about getting her into a sexual mindset and making her trust you. Though you can’t be sure that anyone will send you nudes if you follow these steps, you can dramatically increase your chances with many women.


1. Develop mutual trust with her


Women are afraid of shame and ridicule that are associated with their sexualities. That’s why they won’t send you dirty pictures unless they trust you. 

Never send or show nudes of women to your friends, and never say any negative things about the photos or the fact that she sent you sexual pictures.

However, saying “I won’t show your nudes anyone” isn’t enough to build trust with a girl. You have to prove you are not a pervert and don’t have ulterior motives asking for nudes besides having fun and enjoying exciting moments with her.


Things that help develop trust with women:

  • Talk about yourself, your goals and ambitions, your career, hobbies, friends, and family.
  • Share with her your past, including memories from childhood, school, experiences, and funny stories.
  • Show your vulnerable side. Vulnerability is huge when it comes to building trust. Women feel much more comfortable with guys who express their true selves, feelings, and flaws than men who try to be seen as perfect.
  • Get to know her better: where does she live? Where did she go to school? What does she do for a living? What are her hobbies and interests?
  • Find common interests and talk about them.

2. Find the right texting environment

You have significantly more chances to get nudes from girls if you pick the proper messaging application before asking for it. Generally, women find it safer if they can just delete photos, or the app itself makes it difficult to download the nudes she sent. Here are a few social platforms and my opinions about them:

Dating apps

Dating applications are probably the worst of all the apps you can ask for dirty pictures. It’s because you can text with her for days; you will still be a random dude from a dating app that probably prevents her from seeing you like a guy in her social circle. So, try to move to other social apps. It’s a sign of trust if she gives you her name or number.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger still isn’t the perfect app to get women to send you nudes because you can save photos with two clicks (which is great from your perspective, of course). I have a ton of dirty photos saved from Messenger, but there are better platforms to ask for nudes.


Messenger still isn’t the perfect app to get women to send you nudes because you can save photos with two clicks (which is great from your perspective, of course). I have a ton of dirty photos saved from Messenger, but there are better platforms to ask for nudes.


Snapchat is literally built to make messages disappear, so it’s the perfect app to exchange sexual photos with girls.


Many women don't care if you save her photos or are able to watch them retroactively. In this case, choose a platform that is convenient for both of you.

3. Find the right time to ask for nudes

No, she won’t send you nudes from the office in the middle of the day. And no, you probably aren’t as important for her that she stops doing her chores, gets naked, and sends something sexual to you.


That’s why you have to be a little strategic about when to ask for nudes. The best time for sexting and sending stuff is in the evening because she is more likely not bothered by her duties and others.

Before you start navigating to sexual topics, ask her about what she does at the moment.

4. Associate yourself with positive feelings

In other words, make her attracted to you. Attraction comes in many forms of emotions. If you want a girl to become attracted to you, you have to elicit particular emotions in her. Here are the crucial steps to become appealing to her:

Look desirable

Use as many high-quality photos on your social media profile and show your style, the things you are passionate about (sports, music, etc.), your positive emotions (i.e., joy), your social circle (to avoid being seen as a freak).

Be dominant

Dominance is the prerequisite to turn on a woman with text messages. Try to use statements instead of questions, text her that "I like that you are cute/funny/smart" because it signals authority. Qualify her by asking questions that show you have standards.

Here’s a great example for qualifying a girl. With these subtle techniques, you can become a guy in her mind who is already successful with girls, thus making her more attracted to you:

Be entertaining

You don't have to be hilarious and make her laugh constantly. It's enough to have interesting, exciting conversations. Delivery is key: phrase your sentences as detailed as you can because women find it very amusing. Use adjectives like "amazing", "terrifying", and "exciting" because these actually make women feel those things.

5. Get her into a sexual mindset

With sexually related topics, you can ask general questions about attraction and desire, and continue talking about it.


You can also use sexual references to tell sexual types of stories others did or said. With this technique, you can share very intimate topics without worrying about looking weird. No one becomes upset if you tell a very sexual story about someone else.

To make her turned on with text messages, she ultimately needs to feel that you physically desire her. Attraction can easily turn into physical desire when a girl thinks that the man wants sex with her.

When you communicate that she turns you on, share what you feel and what you would do to her. Remember, don’t share with her every detail: let her use her imagination too.

6. Be the first who sends something exciting

If you are the first who sends her something interesting or exciting, she may feel more enticed to reciprocate it. However, don’t send a photo of your dick as soon as she becomes interested in you because many women find it gross, or even if they are into it, it kills all the sexual tension you have built up so far.

If you have a great physique, you might be sending a shirtless photo that makes her imagine you in different horizontal situations.

7. Go for the small “YESes”

Guys, this is sales lessons 1.0.1. It’s a scientifically proven method that when you successfully convince someone to do something for you, she will be more likely to fulfill your other wishes as well. 

Ask her to do something that doesn’t require a huge commitment, like sending nudes. Maybe ask for a selfie or a full-body photo. Or tell her to send you a funny GIF.

This effect also applies when you ask her a bunch of questions, to which she replies with “yes.” In general, the more times someone agrees with you or replies positively to your requests, the more likely he or she will fulfill what you want them to do.


8. Ask her to send you dirty pictures

So, you already developed trust, found the best place for messaging, texted her at the right time, made her attracted to you, and aroused her a little bit; then, it’s time to ask for nudes.

Always be dominant and friendly at the same time. Don’t ask, “Could you please send me a sexy photo?” because this is the ultimate turn-off for every woman. Also, don’t be too raw and demanding. Don’t text her, “I want to sleep with you, so you better send me a photo of your naked body.”


Instead write her something like this:

If she likes you and is turned on too, chances are she will send something sexy.

9. Prepare for resistance and be smooth about it

In many cases, “NO” means “not yet”. If the girl turns down your attempt to get nudes from her, the worst thing you can do is become upset or try to convince her.

Accept it and change the topic if she doesn’t send you sexy photos. Sometimes, women are very into sexting and sending sexual pictures to guys, but they need more trust, attraction, or sexual tension. 

In this case, move at her pace and just continue talking about things she enjoyed. Repeat the whole process: continue to build up her trust, attraction and make her more aroused, and in the end, maybe she will send something exciting.

Don’t force it if she still doesn’t want to send you anything sexy. Accept it, and move on.

10. Appreciate her that she trusted in you

Don’t forget to appreciate it if you managed to get her to send you nudes. Tell her that you find her extremely sexy and you love her body.

If you don’t assure women that it was a good idea to send you dirty pictures and you don’t compliment their bodies, they can easily regret sending you nudes, thus turning them uncomfortable talking to you in the future.

Girls that will send you nudes

So, what type of girls will send you nudes? While writing this blog post, I actually checked the girls who sent me nudes over the years. I found dozens of girls who sent me dirty pictures before, and I can name some common characteristics that are true for most of them. 


They have a high sexual appetite

Girls who are always aroused usually find it exciting to show off their bodies to guys they are attracted to. It’s because they can easily be turned on by guys who are already turned on.

They are comfortable with their bodies

Women who are not satisfied with their bodies won’t send you nudes. That’s why it’s a wise decision to gently ask her about sexuality and her connection with her body before you ask for nudes.

They share many photos of themselves

The most apparent sign of a girl being perfectly okay with her body is when she posts many sexy photos on her social media account. It’s not guaranteed that she will share her private photos with you, but she might be easier to convince to do so.

They are into sexting

Obviously, there is a correlation between sexting and sending nudes. Of course, not every woman will share explicit pictures of themselves who are also into sexting, but you have better chances with them.

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How to ask your girlfriend to send you nudes?

If you want to ask your girlfriend to send you nudes, always compliment her body and express your desire towards her. Since trust is already established between you, feel free to talk about intimate topics like sending nudes to each other. 


How to get a girl to send you dirty pictures?

Trust and sexual excitement are the two necessary ingredients to get a girl to send you dirty pictures. Get to know her better, share a few high-value things about yourself, and get her into an aroused mindset by talking about sexual topics. Ask for any photo of her, keep arousing her, then finally ask for nudes.