How to Compliment a Girl Over Text – with examples

Written by Ryan Cross

In this post, you will learn how to compliment a girl over text, including the timing, the delivery, the best style and attitude, and exactly what you should write to girls to express your appreciation.

You will find out what compliments work much better than others, how frequently you should send such messages, and how you can make sure that she will find your compliments intriguing.


So, how to compliment a girl over text?

  1. Don’t expect anything in return.
  2. Non-physical compliments work better than physical ones.
  3. Your compliments should be presents. Don’t give them for selfish reasons.
  4. Be laidback, casual, and even funny.
  5. Compliment her skills, personality, and achievements because women like to work for appreciation.
  6. Find something in her that she is rarely complimented for.


Before we jump into the topic of the best methods to compliment women, first, we got to look at the little mistakes that aren’t so impressive when you try to appreciate someone.

How not compliment a girl over text?

There are two major drawbacks to compliments. First, if someone desperately tries to impress girls with compliments, he will most likely turn these nice words into a covert trade. I will GIVE you something because I WANT you to think nice things about me. Secondly, when someone compliments a girl to GET something back from her. These are calculated actions with a goal to benefit something from them. You should never compliment someone to gain an advantage from it.


Don’t try to impress with compliments

Compliments are not about you. It tells a lot about you, but you must give them because you like something in a girl, not because you want the girl to think about you as a nice guy.

Giving compliments shouldn’t be a tactic in your texting game arsenal. There are so many excellent skills you can acquire that helps you in dating and online dating. Over the years, I found out that impressing a woman with compliments always backfires.


Don’t expect anything in return

If you tell a woman that she’s beautiful only because you think it’ll give you a better chance of sleeping with her, she will not be very flattered. You can try it. Women somehow see through your intentions very clearly, and their level of interest will drop when they realize someone’s selfish motives behind compliments.

Many guys give compliments just to get something back in return. They think nice words are part of the trade between women and them. I say nice things to you, and you fulfill my wishes.

Don’t be that guy. Not because it’s not the right way to be, but because this kind of behavior almost always ruins your chances with women.

How to compliment a girl over text?

Every girl is different; therefore, you should always use your emotional intelligence to find out what type of compliments fit best in the conversation. There are always odd cases, like when a girl has low self-esteem and craves physical compliments or very gorgeous ones who think about even the most innocent compliments as seduction tactics.

So, these examples aren’t all-size-fits. You should experiment with them and find out what works best for each woman.

Non-physical compliments beat physical ones

Usually, non-physical compliments work much better than physical ones during texting, especially with beautiful women.

Personal compliments are unique to the ones about her looks. With non-physical compliments, you can avoid awkward situations where girls think you are too sexual and only want to hook up with them.

Somewhat attractive girls don’t like such statements as “you have a gorgeous face” or “hot body.” 


The right way to compliment a girl is to find something special in her and write it down in a non-needy, casual way.

“It’s hard to find someone who is very silly and intelligent at the same time … you are doing it pretty well.”

“You really have a very complex personality … I love it.”


Give compliments sparingly

As with many other things in life, you shouldn’t overdo complimenting girls. Women are always asking themselves – consciously or not – about guys’ intentions. If you pour compliments on girls like there’s no tomorrow, they will feel uncomfortable.

On the one hand, because they’ll think that they owe you nice words or favors. Obligation is the enemy of genuine desire, so giving too many compliments actually decreases your attractiveness.

On the other hand, because too many compliments are suspicious. It shows neediness because women will think that you use compliments as a tool to appear like a nice guy and get back something from them. 


Be casual

Only those compliments work that are instant and genuine. If you have to think about the best nice thing to say to a woman, it will definitely be a bad compliment.

First of all, you don’t “have” to say any compliment to a girl to impress her. If you feel you want to do it, then be laidback, casual, and even funny.


“We would have the sexiest kids in the world 😎


I always search for unique ways to give compliments because, well… they are more special and feel genuine to women. These ways often include teasing elements where I act as if she did something wrong by being so beautiful or intelligent. I highly advise adding a teasy flavor to the compliments because it eliminates the feeling that you are needy and really want to get her.


“I told you it’s unfair to distract me with your photos. :P”


Women like to earn the compliments

Here’s a crucial thing about complimenting a girl over text:

Girls love those compliments that are unique and are about the things they had to work for and be proud of. They will love it when you compliment them on an actual skill or achievement they worked hard to attain.

This is the other reason why a somewhat attractive girl doesn’t feel anything particularly great about compliments on her beautiful eyes. She is used to such compliments, but more importantly, she hasn’t had to do anything to earn this kind of compliment.

Compliments on her skills

Find unique skills in her that she must be proud of. Perfect compliments can be about the fact that she can cook mind-blowing Italian pasta, she can speak a few or several foreign languages, she has an excellent ski technique, or she knows every dialog in FRIENDS by heart.

Of course, after I tease her, I text that I genuinely like her drawing style.

Compliments on her achievements

Focus on her less obvious achievements. If you text a beautiful girl who just posted a photo on Instagram where she won the county cycling championship, you can bet she won't be thrilled by a compliment about this. Find something that she holds dear in her heart and rarely get any compliments about it.

Compliments after the first date

The perfect way to keep the conversation going after the first date is to text about your first impressions of her. If she did something remarkable on the first date, this is the best information you can communicate.

Find something unique in her

The number one reason I don’t compliment girls in the early stages of texting is that I want to get to know them before saying nice things about them.

Try to stay away from apparent characteristics like her physical appearance, obvious things in her social media or dating profile, or achievements that shouldn’t be appreciated. For example, being a single mom alone shouldn’t be appreciated unless you find out she is a great mother. The fact that she takes ski lessons shouldn’t be complimented on unless it turns out that she is pretty awesome in it. You get the point.


Also, compliments shouldn’t always be serious. You can appreciate silly things in her. The goal sometimes is to show your care and create a fun vibe for the conversation:

Only compliment if you genuinely like her

When you communicate with honest appreciation, you will be amazed how the girl lights up. Everything you text has to be as authentic apossible. There’s no shortcut. There are no tricks.

When you feel you should text something to appreciate her, then this is the time for compliments. When you compliment a girl over text, remember: don’t expect anything in return; non-physical compliments beat physical ones, don’t overdo it, be lighthearted and non-needy, and appreciate mostly her skills, achievements, personality, and cute details in her behavior.

Related questions


How to compliment a beautiful girl over text?

Talk about what you like in her personality, the impressive results she achieved in her career or personal life, or other things she has worked for and is proud of. Never praise a beautiful girl’s body, face, or style because she is used to such compliments, and it can come off as a sexual move.


How to compliment a younger girl over text?

Many younger girls want to look like mature, adult women, so compliment her way of thinking, emotional intelligence, or skills required in adult life. Try to be authentic, non-needy, and funny because beautiful younger girls are popular amongst guys, so they are used to all kinds of bland compliments.


How to compliment an older woman over text?

Older women generally want to be treated as someone who still gots it. They want to appear desirable, so they usually like honest physical compliments. Find something in her that she is rarely complimented on. Be laidback, casual, and even funny.


How to compliment a girl who works out?

Compliment on her looks, but don’t use sexually related messages. Girls who work out love getting compliments about their bodies, but they like such compliments that are around the hard work and dedication, not about how hot she became.


How to compliment a girl on a date?

Find unique qualities in her personality or behavior that you find attractive or impressive. Talk about something you like in her and tell her why you like it. Don’t be overly enthusiastic and needy, and don’t bring up too intimate and sexual statements about her because it can make her uncomfortable.