How to create funny Tinder messages – 10 amazing techniques

A girl is laughing at the funny Tinder messages

Written by Ryan Cross

I’m going to share with you how you can create funny Tinder messages with my top 10 techniques I used successfully for years in online dating.

But first, take a look into what messages to avoid if you want to make girls laugh on Tinder.


Most tips on the internet aren’t actually funny


Although I knew what I wanted to write on this topic, I looked around on the internet to see what kind of tips others write about funny Tinder messages. I wasn’t impressed with those blog posts. Not at all.


Why most tips for funny Tinder messages don’t work?


The problem with most of the tips on the internet about humorous texts is that they assume that the woman is already attracted to you.

Puns can work. Jokes with her name can work. Even fucking GIFs are working if an exceptionally attractive guy sends them to girls.

But guess what.

95+ percent of guys out there aren’t considered exceptionally good-looking. If you aren’t among these guys than those texts above won’t work.

Therefore, in this post, my goal is to show you really working techniques that are not only funny but can also help you to increase your attractiveness at the same time. Note the following:


“A good joke makes her laugh. A great joke makes you more attractive.”


In this post I present my top 10 techniques for hilarious online dating messages. I actually use these techniques day-by-day, and they work like magic.

But first, let’s look at how funny Tinder messages can boost your attractiveness.


The essence of outstanding funny Tinder messages


It tells a story. A story about you.


When you send a funny text, it’s usually not enough to make women laugh. It’s actually only half of the equation. A humorous message has to tell a story about you. Your personality, your mindset, your worldviews, or your thoughts about the girl etc.

Women not only need joy, and positive feelings from humor. They also want to feel power behind your funny Tinder messages.


What story humor must tell about you?


Women want to look up to guys. They want someone who is determined, confident, who can control his emotions. Women are attracted to the man who always knows what to do in every aspect in his life and he doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else’s opinion. But they also want a guy who accept himself, who can reveal his vulnerabilities, who is genuine and takes responsibility for his successes and failures.

In my book, I call it “high status, where I teach my readers how they can become exceptionally attractive by changing their behavior and improving their texting skills.  If you want more info about the ebook, here you are.


My TOP 10 funny Tinder messages


So here we are. These are my best techniques I use on a daily basis. With these messages I had a ton of dates and I’m sure they will help you too.

If used correctly, every technique also tells a story about your personality to women’s subconscious mind that eventually will raise your attractiveness.


1. Self-irony


What it tells about you: Self-acceptance


My funny friends sometimes do the most unexpected thing when they’re talking to girls: they lower their status to get girls to laugh.

Self-irony has the opposite effect of what most guys think at first: it raises your attractiveness because it shows girls that you are not afraid to make a fool of yourself for fun.

Do you think anyone who doesn’t think he is attractive enough makes a joke about himself? I doubt it! That’s why this technique is so powerful. Even if girls are not fully aware of what happens consciously, they feel that this guy doesn’t give a shit about others’ opinions about him.

However, don’t overdo self-irony messages. Self-irony is very funny, but if you keep on doing it like there’s no tomorrow, she will sooner or later suspect that you might not be joking, that there’s some truth in your texts.


2. False bragging


What it tells about you: Self-acceptance, emotional independence

Most girls know exactly who is just bragging about looking more attractive, and who is saying and doing things because of his high status. If you brag about something utterly ridiculous or absurd, then, on the one hand, you show yourself cool. On the other, you make fun of tough guys who always talk about how awesome they are. With this funny message, you clearly show that you are the perfect opposite of these men. I often use false bragging and believe me: girls love it.

3. Cocky and Funny


What it tells about you: Self-assertion, high-status

Women know that cocky guys are confident. However too much cockiness may seem arrogant, and most women don’t love the idea to meet such guys. Try to blend cockiness with humor, which can be very effective. Cocky and Funny technique can also separate you from other frustrated guys who try to cover their insecurities by showing off. 

This technique sets up a funny frame, where women chase you. If she accepts this frame, then it will lead her to become attracted to you more.

4. Teasing


What it tells about you: You (think you) have a higher status than the girl

Teasing means making a joke about the girl’s imperfections, style, personality. Most guys are afraid to tease girls because they are scared that women may lose interest. So, they play safe. 

When you playfully tease a girl, it shows her that you are not the kind of guy who is afraid of rejection, who is worried about what others may think about him. It shows her that it’s 100 percent okay for you to lose her – which, contrary to most guys’ intuition – is very attractive. 

Teasing is also powerful because women subconsciously think that you consider yourself good enough or even better than them, but you humorously show this, so they can’t be mad at you because of it.

But you must never insult the girl. The goal is to have fun. These are somewhat taboos in teasing but always use your emotional intelligence. 

  • weight or other unattractive traits
  • religion
  • political views
  • family and friends
  • and other topics that are important to her.

5. Switch


What it tells about you: Emotional independence

This technique is most commonly used by comedians. You fundamentally trick her by making her believe that you fall for her. However, at the end of the line, you give the story a completely different ending than she would expect. You lower your attractiveness for a moment and then raise it to an even higher level.

6. Role-reversal


What it tells about you: you have a higher status than the girl

Role reversal games are hilarious because they reverse the typical “boy chases the girl” position. Girls generally respond well to this because it is the exact opposite of what they are used to. Essentially, it’s kind of cocky and funny. This is an incredibly powerful tool because when she goes into the game, she unconsciously accepts the role in which she is chasing you, which can boost your attractiveness very quickly.

7. Role-playing


What it tells about you: leadership, control, creativity

Role-play is a powerful tool to take girls into an imaginary world. Role-play allows her to experience certain emotions, no matter how fictional the story is.

In most cases, women will enter the game. Role-playing encourages a greater sense of cooperation with the woman, in which she can imagine what it would be to be with you in real life. Role-playing also allows you to get away with sexual scenarios that are fundamentally forbidden in real life, where you can discuss sexual topics that would generally be inappropriate. 

Possible topics: 

  • Bank Robbery
  • Relationship
  • Travel
  • Wedding
  • Kids
  • Divorce
  • Movie Scenes
  • End of World
  • Pets

8. Push-pull


What it tells about you: It shows your cute side without looking to emotionally invested in her

Push-pull is a great technique for seducing girls online and offline. If you haven’t used it yet, just start texting push-pull messages. 

The concept is quite simple: if you push the girl too far with harsh teasing or too much cockiness, she will lose interest. If you pull her too much by complimenting her or being too nice, she will also lose interest because you seem too eager, too needy. But if you merge these two forces, you can create a fine balance. 

Push-pull challenges girls to invest in you more because they are uncertain whether you like them or not. The easiest way to come up with push and pull messages to imagine what it would feel like if you would like the girl, but you weren’t 100% sure if you want to date her.

9. Magnifying

What it tells about you: Emotional independence

With magnifying messages, you can display that you can make fun out of nowhere. This technique is one of my favorite ones because whatever we talk about, I can make girls laugh. You can easily use magnifying text for answering her questions.

10. Playfulness


What it tells about you: You don’t take things too seriously (it shows mental strength)

If you’d take a look into my messaging, you could see, that I take things very lightly. I’m very lean-back when I’m talking to girls, and yes… maybe childish sometimes. But it works because it makes me genuine. I’m on Tinder to have fun, and a lot of girls eventually want to hop on this train to have more fun with me. 

Have fun with these funny Tinder messages. If you want even more effective online dating seduction techniques than you should definitely check out my ebook.

Humor is 1 among the 5 essential emotions women have to feel to go on a date with you, to want to have sex with you and ultimately to fall for you. In my ebook, I’m not only sharing with you how you can become funny on Tinder but I teach you the complete process of seducing girls online. I share with my readers the way how women think about attractive and unattractive men, what texts to avoid and what messages to write to get women to go out with them.