How to Text a Girl During the Day – 10 awesome tips

Written by Ryan Cross

If you want to stay in a girl’s mind or come up with a cute message even if she is busy doing her daily job or studying at school, I have 10 awesome tips on how to text a girl during the day.

So, how should you text a girl during the day?

  1. Get her out of the daily monotony
  2. Look like an emotionally uninvested guy
  3. Ask her about her day, but don’t be boring
  4. Send a message she has to reply
  5. Be short and to the point
  6. Send her photos, GIFs, and memes
  7. Don’t double text her
  8. Be cocky and funny
  9. Talk about your day
  10. Talk about future plans

How to text a girl during the day?

In many cases, women are busy all day, so whatever you want to text them, it should be short, interesting, funny, or even surprising.

Get her out of the daily monotony

A girl can be 18 or 80 years old; she wants to have fun, especially in the company of men. The opposite of joy is boredom. Most guys hit on girls boringly; they are boring at texting, in bed, at dates, and in relationships. Girls hate boring things, but they get used to it because they think that’s how things work.

But you won’t be boring. Women’s attraction is constantly declining, so you can keep her level of interest high with entertaining messages.

By showing the girl your laidback side and that you’re not taking life too seriously, you can form an intimate relationship with her much faster than if you were serious and rigid.

Look like an emotionally uninvested guy

The one thing you should keep in mind when you think about how to text a girl during the day is this:


“Don’t look like a guy who thinks about the girl all day.”


I call it emotionally invested behavior when someone is overly obsessed with a girl and eagerly does everything to get closer to her. Neediness is only cute in movies and songs but never in real life. 

Emotional investment has many forms: it can be a slight interest, attraction, desire, and love too. Your goal is not to stop feeling anything but to stop behaving like someone who thinks about the girl all the time. 

While needy behavior is a turn-off for a woman, emotionally uninvested behavior is one of the most powerful tools to get her attention even during the day.

What is emotional uninvestment?

Being emotionally uninvested means doing the exact opposite as most desperate guys do with women: behaving like someone who doesn't need others to like him and acting like you are not overly interested in her.

It can manifest in having an unpopular opinion on something, taking the initiative to decide where to go on dates, or making fun of other needy guys like this:

Act like someones who likes her but is not overly into her. Also, act as if she is into you and frame the conversation around it. It will establish a flirty, teasy vibe between you.

Ask her about her day, but don’t be boring

Boring messages doesn’t necessarily harm your attractiveness, but they also don’t move the needle in the direction of getting closer to her.


“how are you?”

“what did you do today?”


However, if you only ask boring questions, sooner or later, she will associate you with boredom and stop replying to you.

Questions like above, or simple statements, like “I had a great day today” or “I watch the TV,” don’t generate any emotion in women. Therefore it usually leads you nowhere.

When you ask her about her day or schedule, try to add some intriguing, funny, surprising, or random things to your questions that make them a bit more unique.


Send a message she has to reply

One of the benefits of learning marketing and sales is that you can implement some of the knowledge into dating. When I text a girl and want her to reply, I usually use a so-called Cliff Hanger technique.

The Cliff Hangers are coming from sitcoms, where they end each episode where the tension is at its peak, and you don’t know what will happen. With this technique, filmmakers can guarantee a high viewership every week. And you can also use it to make women curious and reply to you.

What is a Cliff Hanger?

The Cliff Hanger is usually an unfinished question or statement that is hard to ignore and encourages women to answer and invest more in the conversations.

Be short and to the point

When you text a girl during the day, chances are she is busy and doesn’t have the cognitive capacity to answer difficult questions.

Try to avoid difficult questions and long paragraphs because it lowers your chances to make her text anything back other than “dunno”.

I recognized that when I ask yes or no questions at the beginning of my messaging, I can build up an interesting conversation a lot easier. This is because women don’t want to invest in discussions when they are not motivated emotionally.

Ask yes or no questions that are also interesting, and add value to the conversation (talk about funny stories, exciting news, your goals and plans, etc.). The goal is to generate as many positive emotions in her as possible.


Instead of asking:

“What is your favorite movie and why?”


You can simply put it in a more straightforward and playful way:

Women love playfulness and when they don’t have to think for five minutes to answer a question, especially when you text her during the day.


Send her photos, GIFs, and memes

You can also send her funny selfies, photos about pigeons if she finds them scary, or memes you found on 9GAG. However, GIFs are my favorite things to send girls because I can hilariously communicate the whole spectrum of my emotions in one GIF.


Don’t double text her

I know it can be frustrating when you text a girl during the day, and she doesn’t text anything back. The worst thing you can do is dump a load of messages at her trying to make her text back.

You must understand that it’s usually not about you or your message when she doesn’t text back instantly. She is probably busy or forgot to respond.

Don’t text her again immediately once you texted her, and she didn’t reply for a while because you may come off as someone who is all over her, which is quite unattractive.

If you sent the message in the morning, wait a few hours and text her something non-related, funny, or interesting.



Be cocky and funny

Women know that cocky guys are usually confident too. Nevertheless, cockiness can seem offensive and arrogant, and most women don’t like to meet such guys. 

Try to mix cockiness with a bit of humor; it can be extremely effective and will separate you from the average frustrated guys looking for reinforcements. This style also sets up a funny frame in which the woman runs after you.

Talk about your day

If you avoid boring topics, talking about your day can be an excellent conversation starter. Even if your day was routine, you could express your emotions and thoughts about otherwise mundane tasks like sending emails and attending corporate meetings.

I always use elements from my daily routine to introduce a new – and more exciting – topic of conversation with girls.

Talk about future plans

Mentioning the (first) date topic in a casual manner makes her feel more at ease with the possibility of you asking her out sooner or later.


I frequently tease someone about our upcoming hangout before inviting her on a date. You could, for example, text her during the day that you want to ask an authentic Mexican quartet to play music on the first date. If she plays along, it’s a good sign that she’d love to meet you in person.