How to Text a Younger Girl – women love these in older men

Written by Ryan Cross

Texting a younger woman is tempting, but it can sometimes be intimidating because they are at the peak of their beauty and sexual agency; hence they are often picky and definitely very popular among guys.


How to text a younger girl?

When texting a younger girl, engage her in an exciting, interesting conversation and ask her out as soon as she becomes interested in you. Be decisive and confident; use statements instead of questions because it displays dominance. Be casual, joke around, and use the word “we” often to develop a sense of a deeper connection.


In the past years, I dated dozens of beautiful young girls successfully, so I gathered all the knowledge I use on a daily basis to help you develop your texting game with girls.

It may be surprising at first, but dating a hot young girl is often easier than dating an average 30+-year-old woman because somewhat older women plan for the long term and have a very long list of preferences a guy has to meet.

On the contrary, young girls only need a few attraction cues to become interested in guys. Sometimes a few great photos, dominant behavior, and witty texting style are enough to date a young girl or have a young girlfriend from dating apps, social circles, or social media.


Important facts about dating younger girls

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the actual techniques and tactics of texting younger girls, you must understand the core principles of why they behave entirely differently from their older peers, especially in the online dating environment.


Younger, attractive girls between 18-24 are at their peak sexual market value (SMV). Generally, they get a lot of attention from guys; they are invited to events, birthday parties, and festivals all the time, and in many cases, they tend to text and date plenty of guys simultaneously.


Sexual market value is an imaginary score that shows how popular someone is amongst the members of the other gender in different stages of their lives.

As you can see on the graph, women’s average SMV looks different than men’s: a somewhat attractive girl’s SMV shoots very high between the age of 18 to 24. It means in this stage of her life, she got a lot of attention from guys.

The fact that sometimes you have to compete for girls’ attention who text ten other guys may seem daunting. Yet, if you keep in mind the following rules, you’ll be able to navigate yourself in the pool of hot, young girls pretty easily.


Younger girls have a shorter attention span

When an attractive woman uses a dating app and is active on social media, she literally allows hundreds of men to chat, date, and, if they get “lucky,” have sex with her. Due to the finite attention she can pay to these folks, she has a limited timeframe to decide who are the ones who meet her expectations.

This phenomenon is more accurate regarding younger, hot girls. Since they have very little time to decide whether you are the one they want to meet, your profile, photos, and messages have to be on point.


Younger girls are picky

At the peak of their SMV, many girls are aware of their high sexual agency. It means they know they don’t have to settle because this is the time when they benefit the most from their beauties.

Imagine hundreds of attractive women had tried to ask you out to have sex with you. I know what’s your answer…


But how would you feel about ordinary girls if you had dated lots of beautiful ones?


After you have had plenty of great dates and passionate sex with attractive women, you would probably think you deserve them without making any effort to get them. 

Perhaps you would cancel a lot of dates, and you couldn’t tolerate average-looking and boring girls. You would neglect those women who think differently from you and don’t treat you the way you want to. 


Most likely, you would hang on to reinforcements from these girls but couldn’t stand negative feedbacks about you.

Well, this is exactly the situation that many young, attractive girls are in.


Your goal with texting, creating a great dating profile, and upload enticing photos to stand out from the crowd and show that you are worth dating.


Young girls appreciate visual cues

Though male and female attraction and sexual desire are different, between the age of 18-24, girls have a lot of similarities with guys regarding sexual interest. These girls find the masculine body, facial symmetry, style very hot.


Apparent signs of high social status, like self-confidence, popularity, or even fame also play a significant role in evaluating a guys’ attractiveness.


Play on your strengths: emphasize those qualities on your photos that you are often complimented for. It can be your smile, your physique, your height if you are tall. 


Young girls seek many forms of high status

Across all studies made by scientists, there is one male quality that every woman on Earth finds desirable: High status.


Status is the power to accomplish what you want. It has physical manifestations like money, social forms like popularity, and mental forms like self-confidence, intelligence, and even humor.


This is somewhat a deeper topic, but worth mentioning that younger women seek ‘internal high status’ when they date guys at similar age than they are. Internal signs of high status show that certain skills and personality traits can make a guy successful in the future. These skills are:

  • Self-confidence
  • Goal-driven mentality
  • Emotionally uninvested behavior (coolness)
  • Sense of humor


However, if a 20-year-old university student wants to date a guy ten years older, she may seek the actual manifestations and physical evidence of high status. It can be an independent lifestyle, enough money, or a decent career.


Young girls love older guys

It’s a well-known fact that younger women find older guys more attractive than men at their age or younger ones. The reasons are based on evolutionary psychology: older men tend to have a higher status that grants future provisioning and capacity for parental investment. (Younger) women find older guys very attractive who are successful and keep their physical attractiveness.


Across Western countries, about 8% of all married heterosexual couples can be classified as having a large age gap (ten years or more). 


Dating-site research seems to mirror this age disparity: An OkCupid analysis of messages between straight daters from 2013 to 2017, for example, found that 61% of “successful” conversations (“at least at four messages back and forth with contact exchange”) occurred between an older man and younger woman, with an age gap of at least five years in nearly half of them.


I personally dated successfully dozens of girls who were 8-10 years younger than me. In many cases, it’s even easier to date a 20-year-old, beautiful college student than a 30-year-old woman whose SMV is lower because the older a woman gets, the higher standards she has regarding attractive male qualities.


How to text girls who are younger than you?

Of course, you have to be engaging at the texting phase too, if you want to land a date with hot, young girls. Here are the most important tips and tricks of how to text younger girls the most effectively:


Play on your strengths

Most likely, you are more successful and even more stable financially than the guys at the girls’ age. Younger women choose older guys because these men can provide them with emotional and physical security better than younger guys. 

When a young girl seeks someone older, she definitely wants a man who has high status. Under this term, I don’t necessarily mean outstanding financial situation: it can be confidence, masculine behavior, success in career, or even popularity among men and other women.

If you possess some of these qualities, mention them casually in the conversation because these are attraction clues that make you more appealing.

Get the most out of your online presence

Looks matter. Some girls find male physique and handsome face more important than others, and as women get older, appearance plays less and less role in their mating preferences. But for younger girls, it’s apparent that you have to maximize your online and ‘real life’ attractiveness. Here are the types of photos and Bio I usually upload on my online dating profiles:



It may doesn’t shock you that looks and style are crucial when you want to go out with attractive young girls. You don’t want to look like a teenage dude with a skateboard in your hands because girls who seek older guys wish to experience different qualities in you than their same-age peers.


Upload crispy clean photos where you show your passions, hobbies, maybe friends, your body (if you are above average). Show positive expressions like laughter, joy, excitement, calmness, and confidence.


Younger girls like to read playful, friendly, non-threatening, non-needy texts on your “About Me” section. The best practice is to convey a cool vibe with some playfulness and confidence.


Here’s my playful Bio:


“Only one of these statements is true:

A) I’m an astronaut who works on interplanetary space missions to develop better long-distance radio wave communication.

B) I like spaghetti

If you guess well, meet me at my spaceship and the dinner is on me.”


And this is my Bio when I want to focus more on potential long-term partners:


“I’m up to fun and adventures, but you know what real excitement is? To share your favorite pizza and come up with funny nicknames for someone special.”

Find the right women

Maybe you are already texting a young girl, and you want to find out the best ways to get her to go out with you. If this is the case, then feel free to skip this section.


Are you still here? Right!


When I started online dating back then, I soon realized that sometimes I could easily score very attractive young girls, but sometimes I struggled with even average-looking ones. After dating dozens and dozens of girls, I recognized a pattern: the less picky a girl is, the higher the probability is that our date will be successful. 


It turned out that usually, those girls are less picky who can’t or don’t want to use their sexual agency (beauty) to date the most attractive guys they can. I always try to find girls who are attractive, but something prevents them from fully capitalizing on their beauty on the dating market:


These signs show that you have higher chances with a particular young girl because you have lower competition:


  • She rarely or never uses online dating apps or registered on the app for the first time recently.
  • She has less than 700 friends or followers on social media.
  • She has grainy/low-quality photos.
  • She doesn’t go out very often.
  • She has only a few friends.


Avoid texting mistakes


Here are a few of the most common mistakes guys usually commit, especially when they are texting younger girls:


Negativism: Women sense it not just on an intuitive but also on a conscious level. Most women quickly get rid of the negative people simply because they don’t want to get in touch with negative things. 


Bragging: Of course, the desire to look attractive is a natural emotion in guys. Every man wants to make a good impression on beautiful girls, but you should avoid showing off. Display internal high-value qualities like your sense of humor or self-confidence.


Supplication: This is the extreme form of neediness (although neediness is just as bad as supplication). I have seen countless times when guys write lines like this: 


Build up attraction fast


Maximize your dating (social media profile): the more attractive you look, the less effort you have to put into the conversation before going out with younger girls. If you have an average profile and photos, there’s still a lot of room to build up their attraction:

Be confident and provide enough value.

Display confidence

The most profound way to show confidence to a younger girl is to use confident and affirmative sentences. For example, instead of texting something like “Do you want to hang out?” you can say “Let’s hang out” or “We should hang out.” 


Framing the invitation as a question puts her in a power position and places you in a situation where you are the one who is seeking authority. It’s way better to frame the question as a statement. It comes off as even more confident since you’re assuming she’s going to say yes. Other phrases and words you should use are “I am,” “I will,” “We will,” and so on. The use of “we” is beneficial because it makes you more confident and dominant and creates a feeling of togetherness.


Assume attraction

A solid approach to displaying your confidence is assuming that the girl is already into you and acting accordingly. Treat her like she’s the one who wants to be with you, and therefore, she has to work for you. This behavior will change the dynamic and position you as the confident one she needs to chase instead of you chasing her. Sending messages that position you above her are another terrific way to signal your confidence to her through text. 

Important note

When you act like she's already into you, you should do it in a playful, lighthearted way.

Convey values

Values are all the personality traits, range of behavior, skills, experiences, thoughts, and mental state that makes you a high-status guy. In other words: everything that shows “survival cues” is considered a high-status value. 


Text about your exciting activities, job, and passions in a confident, funny attitude. It will let the girl connect with you deeper and satisfy her inner evolutionary desires too.


When she asks you about your weekend, you shouldn’t say you won’t do anything, especially if she plans snowboarding in the mountains on Saturday. Instead, say something like this:

How to ask a younger girl for a date?

Women are most likely to agree to a date when they feel strong emotions. 

Younger girls have to feel this emotional high to become motivated enough to go out with you. Girls can reach these emotional peaks after you tell a great story, a hilarious joke, a meaningful life event. 

After you experience that she is interested in you, don’t hesitate to ask her out as soon as possible. The key is confidence and decisiveness. Find out her schedule for the week and offer her a solid plan for the date.


Me: You said you’re free on Friday. Let’s grab a drink at X. You decide what to drink and I will be responsible for the entertainment.


The question, then, is how to figure out when the girl is at her emotional peak.

The affection, interest, and intense feelings can be observed in women and men, even if you only talk to each other online. A girl is at her emotional high when you experience at least some of the following in her behavior:

  • She laughs a lot at your jokes
  • She uses many emoticons
  • She writes a lot and often
  • She asks a lot about you
  • She tries to show her best self
  • She is interested in your schedules
  • She agrees with you most of the time
  • She texts even if you don’t text to her
  • She likes your pictures
  • She calls you


Related Questions


How to start a conversation with a younger girl?

When you start texting a younger girl, introduce yourself, tell her why you texted her, and if she doesn’t know anything about you, then write a few interesting facts about who you are and what you do. You have a higher chance that she will reply if you make her laugh or send something cute or surprising.


How to tell if a younger woman is interested in you?

If a younger girl is interested in you, she asks many questions, likes your photos and posts, calls you, laughs at your jokes, wants to hang out with you, touches and hugs you, and looks you in the eye when she talks to you. Always look for at least three different signs to find out if she is interested in you.


What attracts a younger woman to an older man?

Younger women are attracted to older men because older men are generally more capable of providing emotional and physical security. Older men are usually financially more stable and more successful in their careers than their younger peers, making them better options for long-term provisioning.