The ideal Tinder match rate for guys


Written by Ryan Cross

Maybe you just started online dating and you wonder how many Tinder matches are good for guys. Or maybe you’re in this game for a while and you want to get some extra matches. I’ll show you how.

Tinder match statistics


According to certain studies, guys have a matching rate of 0.6 percent. 

But how does that compare to women? Well, in the same studies, girls had a match rate of 10.5 percent. While girls are still not matching with the majority of guys they swipe right, their chances do seem to be substantially better. 

Yes, a lot of guys have a hard time while scrolling through female profiles on online dating apps. But let’s find out the reasons behind low match rates for guys and find some ways to actually improve it.

What is the Ideal Match Rate for Guys? 


There is no rule about the ideal match rate for guys and girls, but there are certainly signs if you’re on the track or not.

Your goal should be three to five matches a day and at least one new conversation each day with someone you are attracted to. 

If you have less than three matches per day, you should focus on your profile quality (link to the next heading), if you have this match rate, you need to get the most out of them (link to the last heading).

The diminishing returns on more matches

Of course, until a point, if you have more matches than 3-5, you have more chances to arrange dates with girls because you can text more of them. But let’s suppose you’re matching with ten women per day and 3 of them start messaging you. After 2 days, you have 6 potential dating partners, after 3 days, you have 9.

After a while, the quality of your conversation is getting lower and lower because you can’t dedicate your attention to all of them.

While some guys believe more matches are better, the truth is that until a point, it becomes counterproductive and you will probably find yourself unable to keep up with any more than that. 

You will not be able to keep your conversations flowing. You will lose track of who you are talking to, what you have talked to them about, or even who you have set-up dates with. Because of this, a lot of the conversation will die eventually, and you may not end up with any actual dates. 

On the other hand, with less than three matches per day, you may feel like you don’t have many possibilities. If one or two girls ghosts you, you may not have any prospects left.

I wrote a full guide against ghosting with tips and tricks. Click here to find out more.

Don’t forget:

“Even one match per day can be too much if you can date all of them. Even 100 matches per day are not enough if you cannot date anyone.”

You can learn the basics of outstanding online conversations here.


Why guys have worse match rates on Tinder?


The main reason that women generally have higher match-rates is the following:

There is a huge difference in the process of how the two genders are becoming attracted to one another.

Guys are attracted mostly to visual clues like women’s faces, bodies, hair, and skin. Although women’s attraction is more complex: they not only seek attractive visual qualities but in a lot of cases they also need to experience men’s personalities and status.

Because men and women emphasize different qualities when they decide who is attractive and who isn’t, the process of attraction happens also in different time frames for men and women.

pGuys can be incredibly attracted to a girl even if they never talked to a particular girl before. On the contrary, women (with exceptions) don’t initiate, because they don’t feel as much emotional pressure as guys. There is no difference between girls’ and guys’ intensity of attraction, but there is a huge difference in the way how the two sexes are becoming attracted to each other.


The vicious circle of lower and lower match rates

Because attractive women get a ton of matches for their looks, but men rarely, women usually become pickier which leads to fewer matches for guys. 

When girls have a few potential dating partners from their matches, they become even pickier, while guys become desperate because of their low match rates. They usually start to swipe everyone right, which will lead to even fewer matches and finally they got shadowbanned because they eventually ruin the user experience of others. 

What to do if you don’t have enough matches? 


So, how do you get a better match rate on Tinder or other similar dating apps? Well, here are some of the best things you can do to increase your chances to be right-swiped. 


Improve your photos

Think of your photos as the first impression; they are very important and they will lay the foundation of future attraction in women’s minds. If a girl doesn’t like your photos, it will be so much harder to convince them with your bio that you are worth their time. Keep this in your mind:

Your profile’s quality depends on 90% on your photos, and 10% of your bio.

Girls going through Tinder profiles are looking for guys who stand out somehow in their pictures.

You need to look good, interesting and appealing, but not perfect. Take a look into other guys’ accounts. You have a huge competition on Tinder, but almost all of those guys have awful photos. Only with better photos, you are already ahead of the majority of other guys fighting for the same attention of women as you do.

For this reason, make sure your photos are on point. Make sure the photos are all taken at your best angle or of your best side. You want to present the very best, most attractive side of you in these photos.

Additionally, make sure the photos are of good quality. Even if the photo is extremely appealing, but if it is grainy/blurry, she will most likely ignore you. If you want to go the extra mile, consider hiring a friend or a professional photographer to take photos for you so you can ensure that you are putting your very best foot forward. 


Write a great bio or about me section

First, women look at your photos. If they find them good enough, then their attention shifts onto your bio section.

If you get the girl to look at your bio, you have won the first battle, but there is still lots of room for them to swipe left. Your next step should lead to your profile’s about me section. There are a lot of frames that you can use to create a great bio, but none of them matters too much. What matters is this:

“You must show that you are better than others in a subtle way”


What I mean about “better” is that the information must tell women that you are above the average or above most other men in some way. Choose areas from your life where you are above other men.

Bad examples:

  • I like swimming
  • I love long walks
  • I studied economics at uni


Good examples:

  • I’m a football coach/doctor/lawyer psychologist (if you have a high prestige job)
  • I perform public speeches
  • Marathon lover

Of course, it’s also important to create an intriguing frame for this information. I’ll write another post about it.



Set the right age and distance 

If you have really narrow options in age and distance, you are going to get fewer matches. Opening your distance search outside just your city/town and expanding your age limits can help you have more options and therefore get more matches.

Chances are lots of guys in your area that have the exact same distance range settings, so there is a huge competition for the girls who fall into this range. 

The age settings are also very important. If you’re 50 and you set your distance range to 18-22, you’ll have a very low match rate regardless of your attractiveness. It’s because these girls tend to set the age range to about 20-28, and you are way out of it.

Of course, you can succeed in this setting, but you have lower chances. This is the same if you are 18, and you want 25-year-olds to match with. Women are usually interested in guys who are a few years older. But as they age, their preferences for dating partners age are expanding.



Don’t auto right-swipe on everyone

If you swipe right on everyone, your match rate is inevitably going to go down. 

The system not only determines your attractiveness by your popularity among girls but also by your swiping routine. 

If you swipe too many girls right, you end up with a lower desirability score. In this instance, you may notice you don’t have any matches in several days because the system practically doesn’t show your profile to the girls. 

I wrote an extensive article about being shadowbanned on Tinder.

Perhaps you have already realized that it isn’t a good idea to swipe everyone to the right without sorting. It’s best to use the app for its intended purpose, i.e., to swipe only those girls right who you consider attractive.


Improve Yourself 

If you tried everything, but you still don’t have the right amount of matches, then consider working on yourself. Maybe look for a better job (or get a job if you do not have one), buy a new wardrobe, get a haircut, and adopt a new and more attractive lifestyle. 

I know it’s easy to say, but we are all in the same shoes. Everyone is awful in 90% of the things. Most of them do nothing to become better, and some of them choose the wrong areas to improve. Don’t be like them, and you’re going to be ahead of them sooner or later. Choose the most important factors to boost your attractiveness.

If someone’s lifestyle is eating chips on the couch in his parent’s basement 24/7 without a job, he doesn’t deserve attractive girls. 

Improve your life, and you will slowly become better and better in this game.



What to do if you already have the ideal Tinder match rate?


If you now have enough matches, you should focus more on your conversations. Once you get through the matching phase, and you learn to build women’s attraction online, it will be incredibly easy to go out with them. 

When I use Tinder on a daily basis, from every 15 matches I have at least 1 date. Since I have at least 5 matches a day, I could meet at least 2-3 different girls every week. When I use Tinder Gold, I have even better results. I’m sure I could get more matches, but it would hurt my quality of conversations.

So, focus on your profile if you have a low number of matches, and focus on your conversations if you have enough.