Shadowbanned on Tinder? – Signs and Solutions

shadowbanned on Tinder

Written by Ryan Cross

Tinder is one of the most popular dating sites across the world. However, like other online platforms, Tinder can have its fair share of challenges, and the main one is usually getting banned. When Tinder shadowban happens basically you are invisible to others. 

You don’t have any chance to match with someone because no one can see you.

A shadowbanned status isn’t always common, and you may not notice any changes immediately, but the first sign is a reduction in results. You’ll continue using the app – and paying for it if you’re a big baller 🙂 – but other users will not be able to see your profile, and that leads to your inability to find suitable matches. 

The most dangerous aspect of the Tinder shadowban is that it’s completely subtle. You’ll still be able to see decks of profiles and even swipe them, but you won’t match because of the invisibility of your profile. 

However, shadowban is different from the total ban because the latter means your account is no longer active, but the former only limits what you can do by denying you access to some of the essential features.

Reasons for being shadowbanned on Tinder

Tinder usually tries to keep its app safe for all users, and that’s why they have so many community guidelines that you must adhere to. Failure to do so could lead to your account being deactivated, but since Tinder loses money that way, they prefer to shadowban you so that you continue to pay them without getting access to what you’re paying for. The following are some of the reasons why you could be banned.

Using the same message too many times

If you usually use the message on many people, then your chance of being shadowbanned is higher. Tinder allowed this initially, but things changes when affiliate marketers misused the feature to get a commission. Nowadays, if you use the same message on many people within a short period, though not everywhere you may start receiving an error warning and a shadowban.

Getting reported

Breaking the community rules like being rude to other users will get you banned. When you insult people, they are bound to report you every time they see you active. This will attract the attention of the management team and will get you banned behind the scenes.

Here are the Tinder community guidelines. 

Restarting the account too many times

If you notice something wrong with the account, your first instinct will be to “start afresh.” Maybe there will be times when things will change, but for now, I still advise you to reset your account if you experience an unusually low number of matches.
Sometimes the problem disappears, but if you still struggle with matches (although before you’ve had a lot) after your 3rd time of resetting the app, you may consider trying to do that with a brand new email address, Facebook account or phone number.


Too many right-swipes

If you tend to swipe constantly right on everyone you should stop it about… right now because of two reasons. The first reason is that Tinder treats it as the misuse of the app which will eventually result in a decline of likes and shadowban. The second reason is that it’s very bad for your fingers.

If you right-swipe on the local grocery girl, your past high-school janitor, and even your grandma, the app will know for sure that you don’t even look at who you swipe. Maybe the school janitor, let’s call her Virginia matches with you, but you didn’t have the intention to talk to her. Because you swiped her right, you occupy a place in her stack of profiles (and you eventually take space from others, who are really interested in Virginia, the school janitor). That’s why she will never match with Rodrigo, the school gardener.

How dare you!


Signs of shadowban


Unlike the complete ban where you instantly know that you no longer have an account, getting shadowbanned on Tinder isn’t so obvious. And because of that, you need to be aware of the signs of it to take the necessary steps to solve this little problem.

Reduced number of matches: One of the signs of a shadowban is a significant reduction in matches. If you initially had a lot of matches and that number suddenly reduces to nothing or only a couple, then you may have to check your status.

Limited responses: Another sign is being ignored by people you try to match with. If you have been texting people and not getting any response, then it could be because they can no longer see you.

Warning: Tinder usually issues a warning to uses who break the community guidelines. Getting that warning once isn’t a problem, but if it appears regularly, then you could have been banned. Another warning to look out for is the one regarding your swipes. If you get “something went wrong. “Please try again later” instead of “there is no one new around you” then you may have been shadowbanned.

Using the same details: initially, Tinder allowed users to reset their accounts using the same phone numbers or Facebook account. This made it easier to get everything back on track if things went wrong. Nowadays, (again, still not everywhere) doing that could lead to you being banned without your knowledge.

Stagnant likes: this applies to those using the “Tinder gold” subscription. This type of account has additional features, which include seeing those who like you. If you suddenly notice that those likes are not increasing, then you could have been banned.



The reset process


If you have a banned Tinder account, then a simple reset is impossible. Often times you did nothing wrong, but your ELO score dropped significantly until a point where your profile isn’t shown to anyone.

However, if you are banned, you have to create a new account, but you also have to be careful not to repeat the same mistakes. One of those mistakes is contacting the Tinder support team because it will only draw more attention to you, which could lead to the slightest mistakes being noticed, thereby increasing the chances of your account being banned again.
Another mistake is breaking the same guidelines as you did before. To create your new account, you will have to avoid using any information you used before.

This means creating new email and Facebook accounts, getting a new phone number and new google play or apple id accounts depending on your device and the subscription you want. Make sure none of these matches the previous ones you used and don’t link them either before you start resetting Tinder.

Once you have everything ready, the next step is the actual reset process.

  1. Start by deleting the old account and the app from your device.
  2. Go to “settings” then “delete the account.”
  3. You may be asked to confirm your action.
  4. Do so then uninstall the app from your mobile device.
  5. Visit your Facebook account to do the same.
  6. On the Facebook settings, click “apps &websites” then select “Tinder.”
  7. Proceed to “remove the app,” followed by a confirmation of the deletion action.

Use your different email addresses and phone number to create a new Facebook account. If you intend to use a paid subscription, then use the new google play or apple id you created as well. Log into your new Facebook account then install Tinder.

Make sure your IP address is different by unplugging your Wi-Fi router for at least then plugging it again before resetting your IP address. Once the installation is finished, open Tinder then creates your new account.

Remember to change all the information and to delete any history linked to your previous Tinder account. You should also modify your pictures a little by using filters and use different information in your bio. Be careful not to link your other accounts like Instagram and Twitter, either.

The antidote to Tinder shadowban: Successful profile


I never run into Tinder shadowbans, although I usually use the same opening lines for every girl I match and also I reset my profile often.

Why is that?

Because Tinder’s algorithm sees my profile as a quite successful one. There are a couple of key elements you can develop your dating profile and your texting routine:


Looks matter, especially in the online dating world. There’s nothing to do with girls becoming more superficial than before, but with the fact that they only have limited amount of information about guys; and 90% of these infos are your photos. Therefore, during the matching period, everything stands or falls on your photos.

Here’s my complete guide to online dating photos.


The best online dating opener

Girls reply to my opening lines all the time, and because of my ridiculously high response-rate, Tinder doesn’t consider me as a fake profile or a harmful bot even though I usually copy-paste my lines. If you read one blog post about online dating, you should read this one:

I highly recommend you to check out my online dating opener.


Recovering from ghosting

 The more you can text with girls the less threteaning Tinder will consider your profile. 

Though everyone is being ghosted from time to time, you can effectively minimize the chances of girls disappearing during the conversation. I wrote a definitive guide about ghosting, the reasons behind it, and the best techniques with which you can avoid it.