Tinder photo tips for guys – Stand out from the crowd

Tinder photo tips for guys

Written by Ryan Cross

If you’ve been an active Tinder user so far and you don’t get enough matches or you just dived into online dating and wonder about the best Tinder photo tips for guys, then you’re in the right place. 

In the online dating community photos and your overall appearance is emphasized a lot more than in real life. You have to stand out from the crowd to be successful with girls here. But why is the look more important online than in real life? Have women become more superficial?

Why photos matter?

Men are attracted more to visual stimuli like the attractive female body, young face, nice hair or healthy skin. It’s not that inner qualities aren’t important to us, but physical traits make us sexually attracted to girls. 

On the other hand, though girls love physically attractive guys, high-status is as much (if not more) important to them. High-status has a lot of signs, and we are not talking only about monetary status such as wealth or luxury cars, but confidence, humor, great communication skills, and overall success in all aspects of life.

However, the problem is that girls struggle to detect attractive personality traits from your photos. Everyone can pose with sportscars, everyone can buy a suit to look more successful and everyone (ok, almost everyone) can pretend like he is very confident. Because photos don’t tell much about your inner qualities, women go back to more secure ways to identify your attractiveness: they observe your appearance.

Yes, you might be charming, interesting, smart and funny, but those are the advantages that will help you down the line, but first, you have to match with women. 

Girls going through Tinder profiles are looking for guys who stand out somehow in their pictures. But here’s an important thing:

You need to look good, interesting and appealing, but not perfect. 

Take a look into other guys’ accounts. You have a huge competition on Tinder, but 90% of those guys have awful photos. Only with better photos, you are already ahead of the majority of other guys fighting for the same girls’ attention as you do.

Photos matter a lot more than you think; overlooking them might mean to lose a huge amount of potential dating mates.

10 Tinder photo tips for guys

Your photos need to be able to convey a bit of your personality. Give them reasons why they should invest time in getting to know you. Achieve this by standing out, by being different than others. 

Attractive emotions


Be relaxed and natural. More often than not, when someone tries to look confident, joyful or thoughtful, it fails miserably, because unless you’re a professional actor, your micro gestures show that those feelings aren’t genuine.

A classic example is the shirtless tough guy in front of the mirror. No one needs to be tough or confident when taking a selfie in front of the mirror. These guys want to convey the message of “coolness” with these photos, but in many cases, it only shows desperate behavior, unattractive personality, and low status.

Women need emotions from guys on their Tinder profile because this is the only way to have a glance into their personalities. Guys know instinctively that laughter, coolness, confidence can be attractive.

Women don’t like men who are posing all the time and are too serious about life; get some laughing or at least smiling shots. With them, you shall be showing her that you’ll make her laugh.


If you are shy chances are your photos will shout out to the world that you’re insecure. Don’t let your shy part beat you, show your confidence, because if you do it good enough, women will naturally treat you as a confident guy.



Your style can spoil everything and can also open the sea of women in front of you. Do you think you have a good style? Then take pictures of yourself, send them to some of your buddies, and tell them to send those photos to their girl acquaintances with the following message:

 “Hey, we were discussing this guy’s style, and I need a female opinion about it. How good is his style on a 1-10 scale?”

When you choose images for your Tinder profile, the diversity should float in front of your eyes. It’s more important to wear the right sized clothes than your style. Even the most stylish outfit won’t wit well if you are not wearing the right size. On the other hand, a white T-shirt and denim jeans are more than perfect for almost everyone.



Colors translate into emotions in our brains. If you are a lively guy looking for a girl to have fun, try to stick to happy colors (orange, red, yellow). 

Diversity is key to your Tinder photos. Maybe someone doesn’t into vivid colors and is more like an artist type of person. You can achieve great results with black-and-white photos:

LOr you can experience other techniques. Some of them are easy to apply. All you need is an Instagram account, and you can pick a bunch of different filters on your photos. If you don’t like it, then I can recommend Snapseed. It has even more filters which may separate your photos from others.

If you are a bit create minded, like me, you can experiment with Photoshop and Lightroom as well. Lightroom has its mobile version, which is a lot easier than its original desktop version, and you can make your photos look as if they were taken by a professional photographer.



Choosing the right spot to take pictures is very important. Be conscious about it. Your photos must tell a story about your life. If you sit on a chair in all of your pictures, then girls will think you have no social life, even if you say in your bio that you are a doctor, you usually travel around the world in your spare time, you climbed Mount Everest twice, you collect paintings, and if you have some free time, you save baby seals from whalers on the North Pole. Do you know the saying that a picture worth a thousand words?

If you do sports on all your pictures, you will become the sporty guy in women’s minds. 

If you’re partying with all your pictures, no matter what your real personality is, you will be considered as a party animal. 

The main aspect of selecting locations is diversity. You can take pictures

  • in parks
  • while climbing mountains
  • on trips
  • near ponds
  • beaches, rivers
  • during holidays
  • during sports
  • on exclusive parties
  • on roofs at sunset
  • or underwater.

You don’t have to have all your pictures in a unique location, but you should show at least 2-3 pictures that you are not just a sitting-at-home type of guy. Oh, are you the sitting-at-home type? Then start looking for exciting places, and maybe you will find some new passions.

(Okay, it seems like I jumped out from a building and landed on a balcony, but drone photos in general works extremely well)

Special skills

In the online dating world, everything’s about uniqueness, because you have tremendous competition. Ask yourself: do I have something special that others love, that conveys prestige, that is in high demand? 

For me, for a long time, it was football and futsal. Well, I know it’s not like being a racecar driver, but it shows women that I have some unique skills that make me stand out from the crowd.

Image Quality


There is a difference between lame phone pictures and photos taken by professional DSLR cameras, even though phones these days take quite good pictures. This may change within a few years, but for the time being, try to forget the phone pictures and take photos with DSLR cameras and with high-quality lenses.




Lighting is extremely important. No matter how good a camera is, it is almost impossible to take a good quality picture in the dark. Indoor lights are not good in most cases, because unnatural colors and artificial shadows can ruin the view. The flash can also produce terrible lights and shadows, so you should neglect it.


It’s best to take photos of yourself outdoors, but it matters when. In the sunshine, the shadows are usually too strong, the lights also, and you have to squint without sunglasses. You can create the best images in cloudy weather or in “Golden Hours”, one hour after sunrise or before sunset. In this case, the most beautiful and softest lights are, so you have the best chance of making good pictures of you.



You want to share with the dating community the best version of yourself. There are a couple of things you have to bear in mind about photo composition:


Waist-up photos: Waist-up photos are great to show your face, upper body and the cool clothing and hair-dress style you have. When taking half-body pictures, make sure that the background plays an important role too, otherwise, you’ll come out as hiding something.


Full-body photos: Full-body photos are utterly important! You need to have at least one of these to show that you are not hiding anything. Again, it is not about being perfect, but highlighting the best part of you. For example, if you have some extra weight and a good-looking face, try to dress in dark clothes in a dark environment and highlight your face so you will be more appealing to women.


Shoulder-up photos: Well, taking the same example as before, we can say that if you consider your face to be an attribute you should definitely take a close-up and upload it. Don’t abuse this resource and upload some full-body pics as well (at least one). On the other hand, if you feel that your body is your main attribute and not so much your face, you can do the opposite and have a pro-shot with the right light that will enhance your attributes and hide those that you don’t like so much.


Do you need a pro photographer?


Yes, Instagram stories look cool with your cellphone, but photos taken by a pro with the perfect light, focus and post-production are a must to stand out. Remember that it’s like writing your LinkedIn profile or a CV, you’re trying to „sell” your best attributes. For selling there is nothing like good-quality photos. Finally, it is proof that you care about your online dating profile and that you are serious about it. 

Uploading the best photos


Model agencies and magazines often choose from hundreds or even thousands of images to be placed in newspapers, ads, or catalogs. If photographers select a few good ones among dozens of photos, then why would you settle with two relatively well-shot pictures of you?

When selecting your photos, try to show yourself in as many sides as possible. Take close-up and full-body pictures, be happy and be serious, look at the camera, and look away as well. Show your hobbies, your enthusiasm, your style, and your creative self to girls, because the more colorful your character is, the more likely you appeal to her taste. It’s like a fishnet. The bigger your fishing net, the more fish you can capture.
If possible, upload as many pictures as the app allows, but keep in mind that girls will classify you based on your worst picture. So, if you have three great photos and three average, you should stay with the three best ones, without uploading the remaining three average images.